(Shagufta Ali, Hunza)

Sitting on the floor mate, flying in the air around the world. What’s amazing journey it will be? I desire to fly once upon a time in my life. Not physically but in my dreams, I will.

Sitting on a floor mate I saw different kinds of colors that designed the floor mate, it’s very attractive and beautiful. My brain moving to thinks in deep about the designer. Its clicks a point according to floor mate flowers. Different sort of flowers were designed on it. Although Peoples are also different from each other having different color, shape, personality, but all are human being creature of Allah. They are inhabitant of the earth.

Everyone in this world is unique. No one is assembling to each other in any features. Every individual has its own importance, it is naturally. Living in community makes us different from other. On every step we have different people to meet, who are unknown to us. But with the passage of time we made relations with them. Sometimes they compromise and sometimes we compromise. This made a strong and forever relation with other communities. We are living amused and don’t think about to create a problem that cut off our relation.

Living with other and watching their activities attract every person towards its customs. All the inhabitants of this world have their own body and brain. Brain is one the most important organ of a man, on the basis of which his whole life is stand.

Thinking makes changing in the world. They may be positive and negative. If people think positive and prefer optimisms the world should be secure from poverty, illiteracy, greedy, inhumanity and falling blood. If person starts thinking negative then he will destroyed the whole world with greedy, selfish, inhumanity etc.

Living with different creatures we should feel empathy, sympathy and kindness for each other. Enrichment doesn’t matter. It is only the value of one family, but living in diversity does matter a lot. In diversity we stand with poor people as well as with rich people. In this situation we must value a person with unique skills, who is talent, creative and noble belonging to middle or poor family.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

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