One more step toward education

(Hamza Rasheed, Rawalpindi)

PML-N govt. takes many steps towards education, one of them is PEEF- The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) is an initiative of the Government of Punjab under the leadership of Chief Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. PEEF is proactive scheme which provides funds at their doorstep of the deserving and the brilliant students who pursue their higher education because of the constraint of the money. More focus of these scholarships is towards the sixteen (16) less developed districts, especially from southern Punjab. Special quotas for orphans, children of government employees of BPS1-4, special children, children belonging to minorities, and children of civilians martyred in terrorist's attacks have also been allocated.

In Pakistan income level is below the line or many peoples in Pakistan not continue his study due to financial problem. Financial problems sometimes become the big cause of social evils or harmful for the society, to avoid this Punjab govt. take many steps or provide free and scholarships based education.

This step of Punjab govt. helps student to enhance their carrier or build an educated Punjab or Pakistan. Thousands of needy students avail this opportunity or gets PEEF scholarship or continue his studies. Punjab govt. takes many steps in education but this is the biggest step to financial help of the needy students.

Main objective of this scholarship to enhance or improve the abilities of the student of less develop district of the Punjab and improve the education level here. This program also helps students to boost your carrier or take steps to the new learning environment or become the useful or profitable part of the society.

This program empowers youth through the provision of quality education, enabling them to become active members of their communities and thus contribute to human and economic development of the country. This step also create positive attitude towards society among students and create good impact on society’s behavior or avoid social evils.this step improves the standard of living in Punjab or help in economic development.

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