The ghost living:

(Aqib Jameel, )

There are some ghost living in our country, they are called the ghost employees. Pakistan is suffering a major issue of ghost workers, mostly in the rural areas. As there is no check in balance of them working. The Ghost Worker who is employed through Big Government Officials. Who favors their loved ones to such posts where other suitable candidates suffer to get one job in the system .They are burdened more with the fact of Nepotism. Now there are major three types of the ghost employees
1. Full time Ghost Employees
2. Part-time Ghost Employees
3. Ghost in Shape of a person

1. Full time Ghost Employees:
These types of Ghosts are mostly found in government Schools and colleges who don’t attend any class or give any lectures. They can be business professional or students. If they are business professional they would be sitting in their business all day long and come to Duty on a Special guest arrival or a events of it. A student Ghost is a student studying far away of the duty place who is never seen on duty or neither the city, not until a religious day or after getting vacations from his/her institution.

2. Part-time Ghost Employees:
Part-time ghosts are mostly moody people; they are always focused on mood. They like to chill in life and never compromise their sleep, money or family for the sake of a job taken through a Reference. They occasionally come to work to see their colleagues to do some time pass and a little bit work. After which they are gone and not seen until the next mood day or an event or a Supervisor’s visit.

3. Ghost in Shape of a person:
There are many Ghost positions where the colleagues of the Ghost or another person is hired to work in place of Ghost for which they are given 50% of the salary as the work is done by him/her. These people do their task efficiently for the 50% pay and for fooling out the Superior that he is really the Ghost working. Whereas the Ghost living their life enjoyably in beautiful site and not doing anything just earning his/her 50% effortlessly.

This is one of the major issues and government tried doing their best to solve this issue. But all this went in vain as they keep no accountability for the ghost. Before 50 years they didn’t even know formally that they (ghost) workers exist or not, even though they knew it through informal channels. They tried the manual attendance, But the ghost bribed they cleric so that they would attend they Present. They tried the automatic attendance through machine and the Ghost would come press the thumb for biometric and they are gone. After a while they would come and press the thumb for existing and showing they were there all day long.

Now the Government needs to build good mechanisms for the issue and for the nepotism of the ministers for bringing their beloved ones. Who are unable to do a task, they are far away from it. This needs to stop as our Suitable Candidates are thirsty for jobs in this unemployment era. So For eliminating this unemployment and job with under-qualified people even the general public should come on the roads and raise the issue rather than being silent and bearing this burden also. Because he/she who doesn’t stand for their rights no one will.

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