7 Tips For Better Understanding of Math

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


First, it must be understood that Mathematics cannot be confined under the one or two definitions. The universal based definition of Mathematics cannot be possible through the earthly books as in the true sense the Mathematics is Heavenly Science. The true definition of Mathematics can be defined through Sky Books, if they are conceived thoroughly. As general meaning the Mathematics is the science of variables, figures, shapes, tables, environment and science of the universe.

Mathematics can solve all the problems of human beings; either they belong to the body or the spirit, if mathematics’ discoveries are applied according to the teaching of the sky books. The Mathematics is the name of balancing, i.e., to keep the balance – if the truth balancing is restored in the world, the world will run smoothly as the sky features (the Sun, the Stars etc.,) are running smoothly. It is a spiritual truth that if unbalancing is taking place in the sky features, the world and all the sky figures would collapse immediately. The following are the seven (7) tips for a better understanding of the Mathematics:-

1. Knowledge: What the Knowledge is: The first tip for a better understanding of Mathematics is to realize what knowledge is as if a man does not know the spirit, concept and real purpose of knowledge; he cannot understand the depth of Mathematics.

2. Knowledge of the Sky Books: For a better understanding of the Mathematics the basic knowledge of sky books is essential without it one cannot understand the secrecy of Mathematics.

3. Knowledge of Balancing: The 3rd tip is to know the balancing. If one does not know what the balancing is; how the figures are balanced; how the number is indexed; he cannot get the true knowledge of Mathematics.

4. Knowledge of Digit: The fourth tip for a better understanding of the Mathematics is the knowledge playing with the figures. How figures are played? How the figures are manipulated? How the figures are imported or exported? If figures are not played favorably, the results cannot be positive. To have the true results, one must have the knowledge of numbers and figures.

5. Knowledge of Consistency: The consistency is one of the most import tips for better understanding the Mathematics. Man must adhere to the problems unless they are solved as continuous study the problem gives a true result, whereas inconsistency gives negative results and puts impediments in reaching the goal.

6. Knowledge of Practice: Difficult and complex problems cannot be solved in a first instance. The knowledge of continuous practice and practice is fatal to solve the problems. Continuous practice refreshes, refurbishes and awakens the confined knowledge of human beings by virtue of which discoveries and inventions are being made by men.

7. Knowledge of SWOT: The knowledge of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) works in Mathematics too. The strength of man teaches him how he can overcome his weakness by exploiting opportunities in a positive way by keeping in view threats. In Mathematics threats are conspiring figures and numbers and opportunities are mathematical gears, wisdom, patience and perspiration. The knowledge of SWOT greatly helps in solving the mathematical problems as well as day to day issues. It also teaches man the positive aspects of patience as without patience man cannot make optimum and result-oriented decisions.

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