Be Happy In Your Own Body

(Hira Mumtaz, Sargodha)

No matter what people say or what they think about you,be happy. Never get bothered by anyone's opinion. This is the most important thing for being happy in your own body,your own skin.

I have seen many people around me who just take themselves forgranted for not being like any model crush,are overweight or have dark skin. C'mon stand up, straighten up your shoulders and live like a superstar. Because these things doesn't bother others much but only you,if you think like this about yourself or take others opinion seriously.

We being Muslims,have to accept this that ALLAH have made each and everyone beautiful. Everyone is complete in their own body. No one is imperfect or ugly than other. Everyone is beautiful in his/her own way.

We have to understand this that if anyone have some skin problems or have any disability then it never ever make them less than others in any way. You can do each and everything. You can achieve your goals,you can do everything what others do,you can be a winner amongst most so-called beautiful people.Your body or skin will never stop you from doing big things,if you don't stop by getting into inferiority complex. Consider yourself as beautiful as others are, or anyone whom you idealizes.

Tall,short,healthy,skinny,fair complexion or dark these are just standards made by some narrow-minded people. You should believe that you are beautiful and complete,never get adjusted to others opinions.

If you are overweight,have dark complexion or have any flaws then its not your fault,so why you feel ashamed? Try to be happy with what you have......

A famous saying is:
"Nothing can stop you if you dont stop for anything"

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