10 Advantages of Group Studies

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The rational capacity of human beings is limited, but distinct in person to person – one has the ability to think about an issue to one angle, but the 2nd is able to think over the same issue in the different angle. Moreover, one has expertise in English – another has the expertise in Economics and so on. The group study gives a chance to have the benefit of different expertise and skills of group members that not only enhances the capability of all members of group studies, but also society and others are benefited with their skills and knowledge. The 10 advantages of group studies are given below:-
1. Share of Knowledge: The first advantage of group study is sharing of knowledge. All members of group studies share their distinct skill and expertise with each other that benefits all of them. The group study is nothing, yet to teach each other and learn from each other as man has bounded rationality and is interdependent seeks help from other human beings in different matters and issues. In group study different students having different qualities participate and discuss on different issues and find the solution to the problems.

2. Off from the Tuition: It has been witnessed that due to group study the members do not resort to the Tuition Centers. They remove their shortcomings with group study by helping each other. They save their money and time. They do not need to learn in a crowded and noisy atmosphere. It is the general practice that in group study the place of study is rotated as all members of the group use their home as group study turn by turn in this way they get the new environment of study that pleasure them.

3. Brainstorming: The group study leads to brainstorming that solves the critical issues of different courses of study. When different brains are used to solve a critical issue, the thought is diverted in different angles and in the long run reaches to the true point of the solution. Unity is strength similarly group or combined study gives innovative knowledge and expertise (known as knowledgeable strength) to group headers.

4. Better Result: The students who approach to group studies generally get the best results in comparison to those who do self-studies. In the self studies the students have to face a lot of inconveniences as they are not in a position to take instantly helps from others. Contrary to this, students based on group studies are in better-off by way of better achievements.

5. Opportunity for Professional Growth: The group studies provide opportunities for professional growth by virtue of multiple knowledge that they gain during the courses of group studies. Their group discussions, sharing of knowledge and solving of multiple problems refine their skills and expertise.

6. Flexibility: The group study has the advantage of flexibility as it is not bound to a student to a particular and fixed time. The time is decided with the consent of all students of the groups. The number of group study is limited that gives them a lot of concentrated mindsets that opens the door of research.

7. Multiple Courses: A large number of courses are taken into account through the group studies, whether they are in technical or non-technical nature. The group study provides a vast range of learning and knowledge without cost.

8. Enhancement in Friendship: The group study enhances the strength of Friendship as they meet regularly in enabling atmosphere also share their grief and happiness with each other reducing their pain.

9. Loving Relationship: The group study also binds them in a solid and strong relation that leads to the family affiliation between them. They become the part of each other’s family and sometimes, this affiliation becomes a family relationship.

10. Knowledge of Human Values: The group study also gives them the knowledge of the human values. They care for helpless people in different ways. They vigorously engage in social work and try to become helping-hands of the society. In this way they become beneficial figures of the society.

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