5 – Drawbacks in American School

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


In the United States of America, schools are administered by public, private owners and the society (the social entity). Private Schools are generally free from the State intervention in making educational policies, the tuition fee structure, staff policies, etc. They are providing the optimum level of learning to their students, but in the United States, the large numbers of students are taking their education in the public schools due to the cost-compliant. American Schools are on three levels, i.e. the basic schooling, the middle level schools and the high-level schools. Students of different ages are admitted in the three levels of education system keeping in view of their ages and the reasoning. The American School System has the advantages and the disadvantages both. Here, we shall discuss only the disadvantages of the American School System. The five (5) drawbacks in American Schools are given below:-

1) Undue Freedom: The first and significant drawback of American School is undue freedom of students that is hurting not only American Society, but also collapsing the family system of the United States. Due to non-positive-sexual education and lack of Deep-Catholic Learning, male students make illicit relations with female students on account of which they give birth in teen ages and put their parents and society in trouble. The Undue Freedom in American Schools is also causing of Drug-Addiction, Suicidal incidents and Extremism as well as students’ outraging & bullying.

2) Old Tradition & Less Average School Days: The American School System is much primitive. The system was developed 400 years ago. Most schools in the United States adhere to old traditions as they are producing clerks, soldiers and factory workers instead of Engineers, Scientist, Entrepreneurs and Managers. In short, no innovate learning (oriented Learning) is provided by American Schools. Moreover, they have less Average School Days, i.e. 175-180 school days that is not sufficient as compared to Japan and China.

3) Heavy Cost, No Scholarship & Grants Lack of Interest by Parents: The learning in American Schools is non-cost-compliant. Due to lack of scholarship and grants, poor students are not in a position to learn in American Schools. Further, the American parents do not show interest in their children’s education. The lack of interest by parents put negative impacts on students also the American Schools’ Teachers do not give individual attention owing to parents’ behavior.

4) Disrespect of Teachers: Generally the students studying in American Schools do not respect their teachers. They loudly speak with the teachers and laugh at them their back. This behavior of students creates conflicts between students and teachers. Due to disrespect teachers feel stress and are not in a position to deliver true education to their students.

5) No interest in Arts Education: The American Schools do not pay interest in Arts education

as they are not providing education in visual arts like: drawing, design works, sculpture and painting owing to these students of American Schools are unaware about design in jewelry, pottery, weaving and fabrics. The lack of Arts education is boiling their psychological temperament putting negative impacts on American Society. On account of this they want to play with wine and shine that damaging their learning, characters as well as their bodies and souls.

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