English speaking in Pakistan isn't difficult

(Mohsin Raza, Islamabad)

It's being considered that some extra-ordinary kind of trainings, teachers and pre-qualification is required to speak English and for this name number of academies are making fool to a layman and earning money.

English isn't our mother tongue, it's a foreign language which we usually 'learn' from institutions, that's why we aren't that much fluent than the people who 'acquire' it by birth.But it doesn't mean that we couldn't speak it fluently, properly & perfectly like its native speakers. The barriers which we face in speaking are following.

1. Motivation: one may not feel necessary to seek it or may have some psychological barriers. So, it's the very first step to motivate one as inspiration is the only way to struggle and struggle is the only key to the success. So before starting any work, motivate yourself.
2. Hesitation: its also being called the younger sister of ego. Throw it off, be confident and start speaking it whatever it's.
3. Tenses: On starting, you may attempt many mistakes of tenses. To avoid it you may accompany your speech with body language, voice intonation and gestures to express your feelings, thoughts and messages. Also remain in-touch with grammar.
4. Monitoring: while communicating in second language/foreign language (English meant here) you may face two kind of problems. A. It may happen that while speaking fluently, you find no time to repair our utterances which will result misunderstanding. Its also called under-monitoring. B. While on second stance, If you'll over focus your utterances and correcting them regularly then it will distort the communication which will creat uneasiness and boringness for your listener. Its also called over-monitoring. The solution to get rid of this problem is the optimum monitoring neither under-monitoring nor over monitoring.
5. Vocabulary: After smothering your tenses and monitoring, you may come interact with the problem of short vocabulary. To enhance your vocabulary, you should read English newspapers, articles etc. You may also watch English movies for this purpose.
6. Pronunciation: It's another factor which create disturbance in speech. There are two solutions of this problem. Firstly, you may converse with native people of this language i.e, British, American, Australian etc and for this purpose, different apps are available now-a-days. Secondly, you may watch English movies. These both means will base your accent too.
7. Practice: Lack of practice is another hindrance because until or unless you'll not do practice, you'll remain zero.There is a well known quote that more you'll read better you'll write and more you'll listen better you'll be speak. So keep practicing as practice makes a man perfect.Make it your routine to speak it on regular basis at-least 1hour a day. In NUML, the new comers start their practice while conversing with Chinese people as they are considered as Level-2 speakers. Likewise, you may start speaking it with your siblings.

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