The Hacks of Happiness

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

Happiness is unattainable but men have attained it ,not from physical and mental pleasure but from the development of reason and the adjustment of conduct to principles.
True happiness brings because of Discipline and control one's mind.
There are some hacks of happiness :-
1-Focus on positive:
Train your mindset with positivity and appreciate your strengths.
Think more positive and don't make assumptions that give you disappointment.

2- Keep smiling :
The simple act of smiling helps to activate the happiness centers in your brain, leaving you in a better mood. Study found that smiling can instantly boost your mood, even if you are feel happy in that moment. Keep smiling although it's a little thing but it increases your strength within seconds.

3-Do physical activities:
Do physical activities such as exercise ,play outside game such as
Tennis, football , cycling and others.
Studies have even shown that exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression and increase happiness.

4-Practices yoga:
Yoga can help ease depressive symptoms as well as anxiety, allowing you to slow down and focus on your breathing rather than your worries, frustrations, and problems. It's the simple hack of happiness

5-Eat healthy food:
Eating healthy food like protein rich food have ability to moderate the level of cortisol-stress hormone and control flight and fight conditions and reduce street level.Eating healthy food like bananas and small amounts of dark chocolate can be a booster to our mood .
Healthy diet can protect the human body against certain types of diseases.

6-Don't sweat with small stuff:
Don't sweat with small stuff and all that is small stuff that hurts you.
Keep smiling although it's a little thing but it increases your strength within seconds.Life has so many different chapters ,one bad chapter doesn't mean that it's the end of book.Don't never criticise yourself.

7-Live in the present movement:
Don't hide in the corner, pointing fingers at your past .Instead stand up and face your past and stomach it all . Don't think too much about your future but live in the present .This' ll reduce your half of anxiety.

8-Give back:
Those who give back have a sense of selflessness and humanitarianism.
Give gift even small ,within reason the more you give , the more you get.
If you want to be happy, spread happiness among others.

9-Be grateful:
Giving thanks and being grateful for all you have will make you happier and more content. Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what you have received in life.
Be thankful for everything you have and you will be blessed.
Gratitude is vaccine, anti-toxin and antiseptic.The answer of every question is gratitude.

10-Accept yourself the way you're:
Accept yourself the way you're and don't compare yourself with others that 'reduces half of your stress and tension .When you are satisfied with what you have and you're that's the only thing, you need for a wonderful life in this world and make peace with imperfection .

11-Adopt useful hobbies:
Such as reading, music ,gardening that 'll divert your attention from useless things and ultimately become great cause of your happiness. Do what you love .

12-Celebrate little wins:
Appreciate the tiny achievements at the end of the each day and celebrate little wins for maximum performance. This act not only increase your happiness but also enhance your potential.

13-Spend time with family and friends:
Close relationships to family, spouses and friends was a major mood booster. There is great importance of developing positive relationships with friends and family .
According to the Harvard study, it’s not about the number of friends you have but rather “the quality of your close relationships that matters.”

14-Reduce technology use:

It has been found that constant phone use was highly associated with anxiety and low levels of happiness. Other research has also suggested that social media can take a toll on a person’s well-being by influencing them to compare themselves with others.

15-Spend time with nature :
Spending time with nature is the great element in boosting your happiness .
Looking at great scenery boost mood and enhance happiness and increase the element of gratification. Flowers and fruits fragrance has great impact on mood, great fragrance enhance the level of happiness and the beautiful flowers attract every and are happiness booster .

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