Request for help to raise voice against Money Making Educationists

(Farieha Akram Gilani, )

I am Farieha Akram Gilani, a student of University of Central Punjab. I am doing BBA honors from UCP. There are total of 8 semesters in BBA. I have covered all the eight semesters but I was still left with 2 courses to complete credit hours that I was supposed to take on in this summer semester (From 26th July till 30th September).

The registration for summer semester started on 23 July and I was allowed to submit my fees till 27 July but here comes a leave for elections on 25th July and then a weekend. I could not pay my tuition fee to the university. I was facing serious family and financial issues , due to which I was not able to manage my fees. But somehow I managed it on 1st August and rushed to university for submitting it. I asked the registrar to give mechallan form, he refused. I requested my program dean to allow me to get the challan form. He allowed me but the registrar again refused to issue. I wrote an application to pro-rector of UCP mentioning all the circumstances that I was facing that time but he also just took it for granted. I have paid them 7 lac in four years and now they are insulting me for just Rs 23000.

Today is Thursday, 9th August and I am still trying to get challan form because it is a serious matter for my career. I was about to complete my graduation degree in September,2018. But, now it has been prolonged till August,2019. It seems to be a wastage of whole year for me. I am in top 10 students of my batch but the University Management has done so badly with me that I am depressed at this incident. I have spent four years of education at UCP with fees being submitted on time. They did not help me for fees of only two courses.

Other than that management of UCP has each and everything in its control. After so many requests and visits of different offices by me more than a week, nobody is listening to me. I am ashamed at the institution where I have studied for four years, they are just using us for money generation. They have no concern with our problems or career. Our education system has become so pathetic that I am just hopeless to get anymore good education in Pakistan. I am fed up with their cruel attitudes as money makers.

I am not the only one who is facing this issue, there are many people in the educational system who are facing these issues. After trying too much and surviving a lot of depression, I thought of media platforms that are the best ones to convey message and talk on it. It is a request to you to please raise this issue on your media channel to strive for further suffering of students.

It is a very humble request to please consider this issue, it will not be useful for me but also question our educationists about their terms and policies. If you find it right, I am available anytime to give you all the relevant information.

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