(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

In the darkness of night, I was in my room, sitting at the coach near the window and feeling bad about things, persons and situations. There everything was terrible for me, the darkness, the night ,the mind, the thoughts and the emotions, suddenly the rays of moonlight came from the window and twinkled on my face. It totally diverted my mind from that terrible condition to such a wonderful scene .It was amazing feeling, when moonlight came across the windows and twinkled on my face, the face which was hidden in the darkness of night is now twinkling with moonlight.

I looked at the sky, there was a full moon, it was amazing. It dragged all my intentions and I forgot everything for a while, except appreciating it's beauty. There was complete darkness in the sky and the moon alone shining there and spreading its light throughout but it was a complete scene, there was no need of anything in order to increase its beauty.

It reminded me about my condition which I was going through the time before and realised that whenever something bad or wrong happens instead of facing it and utilising all our energies in finding solution, we sit there being helpless and feel pity about the situation and think, why this is happening with me, why I'm in such darkness, and then that pitiness pushes us down and down and increases our darkness. But from the moonlight, we can learn that when there's darkness everywhere, don't stop your efforts this will only increase darkness but utilise your energies and efforts to spread brightness, might be little but don't stop until it removes all darkness just like the moonlight. Your efforts don't need any other person's approval except your own persistent attitude, the time is near when your efforts vanish all the darkness with your light.

There is another message, the moonlight shared with me, it whispered in my ears, have you ever noticed that how the size of moon is increases in other to get the full size and again decreases and in this way the cycle carries on.

Same is the case with the life miseries and happiness, there's no eternal misery nor happiness. All pass with the time, whenever the misery or happiness reaches its peak , the decline starts. So whenever you are in misery never think that it would never gone but flow with it and in happiness phase, never think that it is eternal but pass through it gently . Everything in this world the people, things, situations, emotions, circumstances, scenery and the full moon is temporary, don't attach with it... just flow with it .

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