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On July 2018, the Election was held in Pakistan, in which a political party achieved good success not only on federal but also provincial level. Other political parties have accused allegations of fraud and some have asked for re-election of the election regularly, while on the other hand, according to European and Indian observers, the elections were transparent and there were some ideological issues and some in Quetta The situation worsens but the Pakistani nation's emotions, they said that there was no such thing as the election in the election and the elections were better than ever. The General Election 2018 was an indefinite election of Pakistan. This is the history of Pakistan. It was expensive because it was estimated to be around Rs.1 billion. The supervisory government played an important role in making this election successful and transparent. O and B To select candidates, every citizen above the age of eighteen, whether he is read or PhD, he was enthusiastic. In the current election, Chief Army Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Sharif, also serves his position in the line. While on the contrary, a candidate castes his vote on a polling booth with a big protocol. The living and highly respected example of the display is in the front army chief line and the present service is performing its duties within the military soldier. But former army chief has no protocol. Khursand Balial, belonging to Khawaja Sara community, has been present in Lahore and declared the current election as the best and transparent election of the history. she says that the Khawaja Sara community It has been given an opportunity to join, it is not an example in the past and thank God that the government of Pakistan and judiciary came to consider the Khawaja Sara community and we were also started to provide the rights to the rights, Khursand said that in the recent election By the way the candidates have been given the opportunity to join a full-fledged election, it shows that in the future The conditions for us will be favorable and the problems we face in the past will get rid of them, and opportunities will be made for us, which will not only increase our quality, but programs will be created for us, For the sake of this, we will be able to serve the country and nation, he said that the political manifestations of the political parties were very surprised to read that any other party in the party manifesto regarding the welfare of any third party other than Pakistan Peoples Party Not written, which is a great deal of marks, because if we are the third, then the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is clean There are also residents of the Supreme Court and the Constitution of our State says that the rights of all the residents living in the state are equal, then there should be no difference between us. Khursand said that when we have been issued an ID card The identity card should also be kept and not targeted us nor obstacles in our tasks that we feel inferiority .We believe that other consumers like Khashis are also the third sex After becoming a cardiovascular cardiac, he is very satisfied and he is hoping that he is no longer in a position of problems. Phnsyn but these facilities will be created for that would create more trust and who they can serve the nation better. The requirement is that more institutions should be set up for education and training of the predecessors, while the attendance of proletarians in pre-established institutions should be ensured and easy access to systemic entrance systems should be made in educational institutions so that the education At present, at least seventy percent of the attendance of institutions in the institutions can be ensured .We understand that in our society there is a need to highlight the consciousness of recognizing the proletariat because social development is possible if sex discrimination continues It will not happen, but the problems will increase in the problems.
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