Women empowerment in pakistan

(Huma Rasheed, )

Women are contributing in the economy of Pakistan and this ratio is increasing day by day. But the fact is that there are still many women in Pakistan who are not allowed to contribute in the economy especially the women from the Trible areas in Pakistan. Normally we think that social pressure or social influence is the reason behind it, but the fact is that the main problem is financial constraints. As there are many female entrepreneurs in Pakistan but there are also many business graduate females who wants to start their own business/venture, but they don’t have enough money to start it. Shaoor foundation is a non-profit organization working for the awareness and education of women in Pakistan. They have taken the first step towards this problem in Pakistan. The name of their project is “women can do” through which they are empowering women of Pakistan by providing them entrepreneurship training.

Last week they have celebrated the emerging women entrepreneur’s week with the help of US embassy and teams up. In this program top 50 business ideas were selected from across Pakistan and entrepreneurship training is provided to these students. Emerging women entrepreneurs and professionals were invited to motivate the students. The students from Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Azad Kashmir and Rawalpindi were provided the opportunity to present their ideas at national incubation center Islamabad and top 12 best ideas won the seed money of 1200 US Dollars which will help them to start their business. Angela Cervetti from the public affairs counsellor US embassy Islamabad addressed to the beneficiaries, motivate the students and appreciate all the work they are doing. This is a good step towards women empowerment in Pakistan and such type of activities can boost up the economy of Pakistan. Because no nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you (Quaid e Azam).

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