Be Patriotic To Your Country(Pakistan)

(Aisha Noor, Jhuddo , Sindh)

After a long and hard struggle Pakistan came in to being . Muhammad Ali Jinnah did a lot of struggle to get a separate state for the Muslims of India . While struggling for Pakistan he was sick and had been told by his doctor to have rest but he refused to listen his doctor by saying "I have a lot of work to do " . He did a lot to get a separate and free state for the Muslims of India where Muslims of India could enjoy their all basic rights and can go to their abode of worship in open , where Muslims can practice of their religion ,Islam .

Finally , on August 14 ,1947 Pakistan came into being through hard struggle in which our leaders and elder person had been suffered at a great extent . It was certainly not ease to get a separate state under british rule but our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah with his great wisdom succeeded to do so .

Be thankful always for having a free and separate heavenly state where you can enjoy your basic rights and can worship to your GOD in open and can go whichever part you want to visit , for there are nations who are yet to get freedom from the rulers they are being occupied . We should be faithful to our country and work for it's progress . We don't have need to go abroad to get education and jobs for this way we are silently complaining that Pakistan is not a good place for one to make a luminous career . It is we who can change Pakistan into better one . We should be sincer with our professions so that we can work for this country as our elder did to serve this country .

We should not say that Pakistan is not a great country ,for it is lagging far behind than that of develped countries because this is the country you are born in and brought up ,and this is the country which allows you to practice your basic rights and go to your abode of worship openly without having any fear unlike many other developed countries . We have potential to make Pakistan a better Pakistan than it is right now so let's be sincer with our country and profession (whether it is being student or a worker ) .

Final words ,we should be patriotic with our country - Pakistan . We should always remember that it is we who are going to lead this country someday directly or indirectly .

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