Gender Equity Leads Toeards Sustainable Development


if we want to achieve social, economic, political, environmental and structural development, than the target papulation should have equal chances and opportunities while taking those actions that lead us towards sustainable development. If we ignore the half side of population (females), we will never get the wanted results in the frame work of global development, to bring equal socio-economic status between men and women, there should be sustainability in the allocation ofdeciding gender roles. Unfortunately, woman participation in sustainable development is just considers in papers, we cannot get the fair fruits of sustainable development without the practical implementations of these policies that lead to women’s autonomy and empowerment.

As we discuss the matter of ‘’Sustainable development” it cannot reach its starting zone by ignoring the women papulation of the world, if almost 51% of world’s papulation are having no equal opportunities to take part is economic and socio-political activities, then we cannot achieve our concern goals of development. Its not just about the equality that needs to provide empowerment to women, it’s about the ‘equity’ that leads us towards the sustainable development. Our main fortunate and big concern towards the gender differences in the society is the wrong explanations and depictions of religious and cultural values to get conceptual conflicts, we should have to identify such issues and resolve them to have further development on the topic of sustainable values by considering both the sexes on equal parameters.

The role of woman as an individual is also very important to take part in such types of economic activities that inspire others, e.g. everyone accepts those initiatives thatare cumulatively beneficial and has good chance of progress, so a woman as an individual should actively participate in these type of fields that provide benefits to both the sides as the gender patterns are concern. To get sustainable world, we should give priority to such policies and programs those are related to the participation of women in daily day routine that lead to create a cumulative advantages towards sustainable development on ground based realities.


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