#NotAshamed to be Clinical Depression Survivo Padukone

(Fatima Afzaal, Karachi.)

After #MeToo another layer starts circulating on social media with #NotAshamed. It is about metal illness like, metal depression and anxiety. Many people in our surroundings suffering from mental illness or mental disorder but they don’t talk about their stories. They feel shame to talk about their feelings. And it’s because of the stereotypical perception that people who diagnose with clinical mental illness are violent, abnormal, and they will never get better again in their lives like other normal people. It’s a common mindset about mental disorder that a disease which is not curable and patients those suffering from could not be able to do anything productive.

Because of these misleading stereotypes patients of mental illness suffer a lot on daily basis. Like, they know very well that what they feel but cannot communicate with others. They feel anxiety and thought that they are no more acceptable for the society.

There are many people and health organizations, which are trying to aware people about the mental disorders or illness. But this year on the occasion of World’s Mental Health Day, a mega star also broken this stereotype and took to her twitter account to share a video. She has opened her own story of battle against clinical depression in 2015.

She gave an important message in her video that mental disorder is simply like other diseases which needs medial interference.

She also urged other people to share their experiences, if they experienced such kind of depression ever in life.

In Pakistani circumstances, according to health experts 80 million Pakistanis are suffering from mental depression and anxiety. This critical condition needs attention, especially media should take steps towards and come forward for creating awareness to stop social biasness towards depression’s patients.

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