Soul- Love

(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Oporto)

Dr. Shakira Nandini

The real love is that kind of love, when two souls meets, and then it will live for ever. The real love is as a one heart and two bodies, in this love try to separate two bodies but their heart is one, therefore no any body may separate them, lovers can do every thing for their love, but they didn't want lost their love at any price, as well as Majnoon lost every thing for his love, without Laila he didn't wants any happiness in this world. As well as Shireen and Fahad’s love , Alam and Najma’s love, Hani and Shaimureed’s love, Sussi and Panu’s love and many other’s loved in same condition, they have sold their every thing for their real love. Now their names are live forever in this world.

There is another type of love, it’s taking place in heart of every body, every body enjoying this love, everyone show this love by his own way..

When two people are falling in this love, then they show all the world their love, when other people see them in loving time they will be happy from their love and people also start love them, this kind of love is gift of God, this is a magic love. In the time of this condition of love people are not thinking feel about each other, people truthfully love to each other. May be you saw, when one person who loves his child, then he kiss every time his child, he takes the child by hands, he allow is child to sit on his legs, every time he beats child’s back side with hands, when people saw them they also feeling happy, no any body mind this, people know there is soul love with father and his child.

No anybody tell them don’t do this, I didn't saw anybody who didn't loved the child’s .Black’s are loving white chlid’s and white’s are loving black child’s, and they also taking kiss from child’s to show their love, as well as one boy love his small sister then every time he takes kiss form her, and he feel himself happy. From any one kiss he feels himself frank, and as well as when one mother love’s her son then she takes kiss every time from his forehead. People using this love every where at every time, but for this one thing is very necessary, it is to be honest with yourself, when you honestly love your friend’s and take kiss from them, then you also wants that he do so, then your world will be changed, your souls come near to each other, then you want help to each other. At that time we do not love each other, at that time we don’t help other’s, when one person love the God, then he pray for God and God also love their people and also helping them.

Today in the world there is unrest, because we don’t love each other, teachers don’t love their student’s and students don’t love teacher’s, we don’t love our relational and relational also don’t love us, we don’t love our neighbors and neighbors also don’t love us, a we don’t love our friends and our friends also don’t love us, husband don’t love his wife and wife don’t love her husband.

At that time we don’t love each other as a father and his son we can’t leave together, place of help, we unlike others, if we want bring happiness in the world then we must love each other.
Now a days we are helping people not for love, we are helping them to show we are higher class then they, they must obey us, its mean we are showing their we are higher person from others, its mean every where we want benefit, when one person dies, then one person goes to masque using speakers calling the people come and take pray for a person who died and got reward of virtues. when one person lived in the world about 60 years, we are not dropped a tear of the love for him, every work we are doing for benefit, therefore in our hearts there is no place for love, this is the reason of our unsuccessfully.

When one labor works from morning till to the evening, at the end when he wants his pay, then we didn't look him with good eyes, because he wants money for his work, when he worked he was good person, now when he wants his pay, he isn't a good person. We are not looking his work, how hard he worked, how much he tired ,we are looking only one way he work’s and now he wants his pay, why we are not giving money for his hard work with love? Because we didn't know what is a love. If we know the benefit of love, then we don’t need other type of benefit.

When we are talking about love, the unreal love comes in front of us, we don’t take interest with soul love, it is a gift of God, its take place in the body of every person. We can divide it with everyone in every place. The soul love is clean from every thing, when you show this love to others then you also got love from others, when this love take place in the heart of a person then he feel himself very fresh. For example one labour all the day from morning till to evening works, after that when he comes home, he was so tired, he unlike every thing and wants rest, but when he is entering from the door of his house, in this time his child see his father, then he runs father’s side shouting and saying “papa” when father listens his child’s voice, he takes steps his child side, in this time father feels himself very fresh, because he felled in the love of his child, now is not thinking that he was tired. We must think that for the love of his child, his all weariness ship was finished, then why we are running from it? Why we do not love our friends? Why we don’t love our relational's? Why we don’t love our nation? Why we don’t love our home land? Why we don’t love our world? Why we don’t love the owner of world. Here is rising one question.

What is the reason we don’t love each other? You search your self the answer of this question.

I only can say that it is our noneducational and from the reason of our uneducated we don’t love each other, in our body there is fairness, and therefore we can’t show our love to others.
At that time we affected with fairness, there is not place for love in our hearts, at that time there is no place for love in our hearts, we cannot declare it with our tongue, therefore we are looking for benefit in every where, and showing us higher class person from others. The soul love is higher from every thing, its symbol is only a little smile, if you can’t love, you can smile, and smiling is the symbol of love.

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