(Sana Kazmi, Montreal)

We are loosing our identity we all say in general k"suhbat se bohat asser perta hai"

So I would say for a minute look around and notice what kind of environment are we living in today??? at our house we have TV that we watch all day we have computer which we use all day and doing what???

we have telephone where we gossip with our friends and family....... when we go out we dont wear hijaab we are attracted by the glamour world we wanna compete with others we don't wanna look any less ..........that's what we do when we go out when we party when we go to a wedding and so on right? gossiping??? which is haraam and which eats away your good deeds and leads you to destruction. we are so much influenced by our so called culture but not by our religion because we don't see religious values in our daily lives anymore our environment is so corrupt.

i would say brother and sisters do ghaur and fiker look at where you are standing just do tajiziya of yourself and try to think what have you done today what good have you done today? don't think about what have you done in your whole life but just consider one single day???

we need to pray which we don't we need to respect our elders whom we treat very harshly we need to build our career our akhiret and utilize our time in a positive way which I see most of us are wasting our precious time by just searching random profile on facebook on orkut??? isn't it far better to read any article and spend your time in a constructive way because let me tell you whatever you do EFFECTS YOUR LIFE!! .... and we need to realize that we cant just flow with the rest of the world we need to differentiate between the right and the wrong and stand up with the truth with peace and at least focus on following minimum religious obligations.... i know its fun to do gossiping to watch movies and stuff but at the end it is not giving you any good its not letting you remember your real YOU your identity is that your human so care about humanity you identity is that you are a Muslim so act like a Muslim so identity is that you are a Pakistani so act like a Pakistani and if you just think and start from little things i am sure you will succeed and in this article i m not only addressing you guys but also May ALLAH help you all and help me in my struggle to become a better individual....... would appreciate comments and suggestions...and yeah thanks for your precious time....... i hope your learned something....and yes this is my first article here do you think i should keep on posting here or i am done:)..................... FEE AMAN ALLAH

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آپ کی رائے
very nice article plz keep up da gud work i appreciate ur work but i am a christian still i lyked wat u said coz da time we waste doing useless works can b put in many constructive works so thanks
By: Annette, karachi on Oct, 02 2008
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wow thanks god ke aisi girls bhi hain abhi is world main..ALLAH tumhain tumhare maqsad main success de.
ok barhe jao.ham saath hain.
By: ali, karachi on Aug, 19 2008
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