(Muhammad Yaseen, Karachi)

Bullying is not a recent phenomenon; in fact, it has been prevalent in our society for a long time now, specially among the youth. Everyday, we see young people coming up with new ways to hurt others leaving a negative impact on the life of the victim, to a point where they can even commit suicide.

Bullying in our society is often observed in educational institutes but of course, is not limited to the said boundaries. Having said that, it is also important to realize that the bully can be in the form of a teacher and student both. While the private schools usually make sure that the teachers have certain guideline to follow, as compared to teachers in government schools that often tend to harass students both physically and verbally. Students on the other hand exercise their power on the weaker students, resulting in poor self esteem, guilt and embarrassment in the victim.

To curb this disease, all schools should come up with anti bullying programs in order to create awareness among the students and teachers. This way the victim or the witness will be able to realize that this kind of behavior is intolerable and needs to be reported right away.

It is important that we, as a society realize that this problem exists, instead of burying it under layers of ignorance. We all need to recognize the fact that bullying in schools is not only traumatizing for the victimized students, but also disturbs the overall educational progress of our country. The seriousness of such situations should never be ignored if we want to see our future generations flourish in the coming years.

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