Technology; Pulling Us Closer Or Pushing Us Apart ?

(Haseeb Nomani, Karachi)

It is in no doubt that the era of today is the era of technology. A child that gets birth in this world, from this era onwards is technically entering the era of science, where nothing is considered impossible. Everything is achievable, everyone is reachable. A person living a hundred miles away can be reached merely by the tap of a finger. In this era, a person is no longer confined to a certain part of land or to a certain part of knowledge. He has the ability to travel the world, to learn and to discover without even moving an inch off his couch. Being a thousand miles away he can visually say hello every morning to his family. Attend his children’s special moments and be there like he never felt.

But what went wrong? Why is it that with every piece of extra ordinary technology that could be used for bringing people together, they are pushing themselves away from each other. We don’t see the factor of unity in a family anymore, the element of solidarity among friends. We long lost the concept of caring for the neighborhood, people don’t seem to be comfortable with each other.

While there could be numerous other reasons for this undefined gap that is being established between people, modern day technology has certainly played a role in bringing the humankind to this very situation. Technology has created a bubble around every person while the person being completely oblivious to it. Inside this bubble, he owns his fortune. He thinks everything is possible without putting any effort into it. In short he builds up a world of illusion around him that he refuses to leave, thus dragging him away from the reality and from the people around him, the things that matter.

So while the technological developments of the modern era made a person’s life easier, it took him away from the things that count the most, and that is the people around him. Hence it is certain that the person who manages to put a perfect balance between the world of illusion and the world of reality will definitely find utter success at the end of the road.

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