Judgemental people killing our dreams

(Muhammad Yaseen, Karachi)

Who are these people? What do

They want from us? Why can’t we live our lives the way we want. From choosing subjects to schools, the constant judgements makes it so tough for people to survive. The societal pressure of not studying culinary by a guy or mechanics by a girl is so tense, that our nation is stuck with engineers and doctors with no vacancies for the same.

These people will come and go, but our life is for once and should be lived with alignment to our talents and not to the stigmas In society.

Let it be arts, makeup, culinary, music, these judgmental people will not only make it a point on how these fields are not financially secure or how some Aunty in family will talk about us or how it’s limited to certain gender. It’s high time, we push ourselves to the fullest potential not caring a bit such judgments.

Because this world is much more than hospitals and fields and machines, aim for the universe within you.

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