Ramadan a month of peace or profits ?

(Ammara Irfan, )

I feel very shameful to say that the prices in Ramadan are hiking. The prices for the fruits are raised by 30%. Potatoes and onions are being sold at rupees 80 and 60 per kilogram, where as gram flour 90 , mutton 800 and chicken 260 rupees per kilogram.

Profiteers have started making money. The prices for fruits and vegetables have hiked upto 30% in all the major cities including Islamabad , Karachi , Multan and Lahore. Potatoes that were sold for an amount of rupees 50-60 a kilogram a couple of days back are now sold for 80 rupees per kg. Onions now 60 , were 40rupees per kg. The tomatoes once sold for 55 are being offered 75 rupees. Lemon 180 , peas 160 and ginger for 320 rupees per kg.

In the west we see huge discounts on all items for customers on the Christmas and other national events. We have similar examples in Kuwait , Qatar and UAE , where the concern ministries have started preparations for before the holy month of Ramadan to control the prices of various products , especially food items.

Generally when elections are neared , the parties in government try to provide maximum relief to masses , but in our case any relief for people is still a dream for people.

I request to the Government to solve these disaster problems which arising every month of Ramadan. This is heavy burden for every one try to control the prices of food items so the people can take a sight of relief.

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