Who was Maulana Khair Muhammad Nadvi?

(Naeem Ur Rehmaan Shaaiq, Karachi)

Lyari, one of the oldest areas of Karachi, is known as the village of the poor, but it bore so many fertile-minded personalities. Among them, Waja Khair Muhammad Nadvi’s name is on the top of the list. Unfortunately, many learned and intellectual inhabitants of Lyari are even unfamiliar with his name. They do not know about his achievements and contributions in the fields of education, literature and religion.

On one hand, he was an authorized religious cleric, on the other hand he was an enlightened educationist and a literary person. His beneficiations for his own community in the fields of education and literature are unforgettable. At least the people of Lyari cannot forget his devoted services.

Waja Khair Muhammad Nadvi was born on December 18, 1909. He got his early education from Madressah Ahrar-ul-Islam, Lyari. Later on, he was admitted at Madressa Mazhar-ul-Uloom, Khadda, Lyari, because of religious inclination. Remember that, Mazhar-ul-Uloom was the first ever Islamic institution of Karachi, which was established by Maulana Abdullah Memon. It is worth mentioning here that Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi was also the student of Mazharul Uloom. After getting Arabic and religious education from Mazharul Uloom, Khair Muhammad went to Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, a prominent Islamic institution of Lucknow, established during colonial era. That is why, his name ends with ‘nadvi’, like other students of Nadwatul Ulama. Even some people consider that he was Indian, but it is not reality. He belonged to the Baloch community of Lyari.

He returned from Lucknow in 1933 and adopted teaching as a profession. He served his precious seventeen years at diversified government schools to educate the children of his own locality. Today, a very few people know that he was the founder of Baloch Secondary School located at Nawalane, Lyari. Now It is one of the leading government school of Lyari. This educational institution came into existence in 1950, but in 1972 it was nationalized as per the policies of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

He was an enlightened litterateur. Today he lives in the heart of the people, who take keen interest in Balochi language and literature. Balochi literature would remain incomplete, if we expel his accomplishments. He was the author of so many books in Balochi. “Balochi Qaida”, “Kachkol”, and “Akhlaq-e- Guldan” are his famous books written in Balochi. After partition, the first ever Balochi magazine, concerned with its literature, was published from Lyari and its editor was Waja Khair Muhammad Nadvi. The name of magazine was “Aumaan”. It was originated in 1951. It had been remain a successful literary magazine for 11 years, but after that it was banned because of publishing the story of Daad Shah, who was a rebel and killed while fighting against Raza Shah Pehlavi. Because of Waja’s untiring efforts, first time on December 25, 1949, The Radio Pakistan broadcasted Balochi program under his supervision.

Besides being a literary man and an educationist, he was also a reliable religious scholar. He completed translation of the Holy Quran in Balochi, which was initiated by his cousin, Maulana Qazi Abdul Samad Sarbazi. Along with Balochi translation of the Holy Quran, he also wrote tafseer (explanation) of the Holy Quran. He also wrote many Islamic books. Some of which are “Amlaani Fazeelatan”(Translation of Fazaail-e-Aamaal), “Hanfi Namaz”, “Balochi Muallim”, He was also the editor of a religious magazine, named “Soghaat”, first time published in 1978.

These are some achievements of Maulana, who belonged to the village of poor people. i.e. Lyari. Though, in past, Lyari was defamed because of gang war, the persons like Khair Muhammad Nadvi tried their dedicated efforts to depict the real picture of apparently gloomy scenario of Lyari.

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