Water crises in karachi

(Aadia Naz, Karachi)

water crises

As a member of this society and a citizen of Karachi i think that all the problem have been kept in Karachi. Rather than this Karachi is facing a problem of water crisis, because of which people are suffering alot, in spite of the fact that Karachi does not lack water, still it is suffering from water woes. People buy their basic need from their own money. Government should have to make a plan for this issue. Karachi water and sewerage board have to control this if this issue can't resolve from kWSB Karachi can fall.

If the same condition is continue to happening, then the people will wage a war on water in coming days. The provincial government is required to find out the solution of water crisis.

Iqra binte jafar Hussain
University of Karachi

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