World Disable Day

(Erum, Karachi)

: World disable day celebrated every year worldwide on 3 December with Great Spirit and pride.

On 5 December 2018, an organization named blind resource foundation Pakistan organized an event (for the observance of the world disable day) at all Pakistan Memon federation house for visually impaired people. Which was based on quiz and speech competitions on serat un nabi and international day for differently able people. Seven special schools from Karachi participated in this event. All participants presented their thoughts without any fear. On that day, I feel that disable people are the most abled persons in the world, they are more confident than normal. They put their opinion openly without being biased. They do not judge people with their looks but their behavior. They discussed their needs in a positive and interesting way, they

looked innocent, On that day, i realized that they do not need our sympathy or pathetic behavior; they need our support in a way that encourage them to play a positive and healthy role in the society. We can help them by recording books, being a writer for their exam, by transcribing books in braille.

The structure of organization is totally base on blind people. Mr waqar younus, the president of the organization is also blind and have completed is masters in Islamic studies from south Africa. The vice president, Miss Urooj Fatima is a lecturer at H.I Osmania Government Degree Girl College. The general secretary, Mr Mohammad shakeel is it instructor at Pakistan association of the blind. The finance secretary, Mr bilal khan is studying public administration at Karachi University. The information secretary Mr Erril Hussain is studying international relationships at Karachi University. All of them are blind. That made me speechless.

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