(Eman fatima, Karachi)

Now days we saw some welfare ambulances (rather than EDHI )with different names and they collect donations for poor .But mostly seen that few people give donations other people don't trust them because they say that they are fake ,their ambulance don't seen any where etc etc . It is not easy to work this social work it needs money if you don't give them donation so how they work ,how they seen on road to do some work ,at least at first we trust on them and give them donation that they work at firstly you create your mind with negativity then how you trust on them. Please trust on them and donate them if after you know that this ambulance is not a good social worker then you don’t but firstly you trust them and be positive about that . If people start good work then join hand not to loose their trust in their work and donot spread negativity to people that don’t give them they are fake . You don't know that how they work ,in which place they work ,so how you judge that it is fake or not Trust on that welfare ambulance and spread positivity don’t judge people by your’s mind negativity .

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