Neglected Face Of Pakistan


As we all know that we are living in Pakistan which is an under developing country, and suffering from different types of issues as well. Education is also a basic field which is neglected by government and other persons related sectors.

In Pakistan education facts very clearly indicate that the major factor that is affecting literacy is the inaccessibility of quality institutions in local areas. That is one of the major weaknesses of education system in Pakistan.

If we discuss matters like in availability of quality institutions mentioned above, female education in Pakistan has been also a key unruly resulting in a lesser female literacy rate. People do not want to send their daughters to school or college because of their parental norms or other misunderstandings. it’s also one of the problems of education that have occurred since the very beginning. The industrialized areas where people are known of the changing times and appreciate the necessity of women’s education.

Women are the pillars of any country as they up bring its leaders, so now Pakistan, eventually accomplish the goal of female education in Pakistan. it is compulsory that mothers are educated for being a support for their children.

The development of education is very important nation building factor which will resultantly disturb the country’s development.

Recommendations and suggestions
ü Getting the right people
ü Quality teachers make for a quality education system.
ü Developing effective instructors
ü All teachers are required to possess a master’s degree, even primary school teachers.
ü By improving instructions, student learning outcomes are also improved.
ü Guaranteeing the best possible instruction for every child.
ü There are also no “dead-ends” when it comes to learning.
ü The system provides options for everyone to further their education, with extra support available for the weakest students.
ü By putting such support systems in place, the standard of every student, and consequently the whole system, is raised.

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