Lahore Development Authority

(Salman Asghar, Lahore)

LDA's Vision is to transform Lahore into world class city through efficient public service delivery. But LDA doesn’t means to hurt somebody. I saw people crying but the LDA people put their fruits/ vegetables Carts into trucks, and waste them. I know they are doing their jobs. But that poor man who invest his savings which is 8000 to 10,000 to buy fruits/Vegetables from market so that he can sell to local people in different areas. Now whats their mistakes ? what they can do ? where they can go and sell their products? How they can feed their family?

Government should a lot them some specific space in different areas of Lahore where they can sell their products. After allotting them, if somebody comes out of that specific areas and sell their products then LDA can take legal actions.

LDA should start their operations at different Bazars which are existing in different areas of Lahore . Bazars names are Sunday Bazar, Wednesday Bazar ,Thursday Bazar in particular areas. These Bazars are Illegal. they are illegal selling their products in small streets and people who allow them to set their Bazars are the chairmen of that areas. They took profit percentage from shops who put their stalls. Selling in Small streets increase crimes like harassment, no security, no law and regulations, street crimes etc. Please take legal actions on such activities.

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