Global PEACE and the Human Beings

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

The Contemporary World seems to be crying for PEACE today. So-called Peace Summits are being organized globally and so-called Peace Experts are talking on Peace who even do not the Real Essence of Peace. Millions of dollars are being disbursed on various conferences and seminars but nobody even attempts to distinguish what PEACE actually is and who devastated it.

PEACE? Yes PEACE which has been assassinated by the bloody human violent greedy and aggressive attitude even knowing PEACE once lost cannot be regained. It was not the PEACE which lost by itself, it was not the animals and the birds who destroyed PEACE, it was neither the heaven nor the earth who killed PEACE, it was neither the oceans nor the mountains which enslaved the PEACE, it was not the wild creatures who destroyed PEACE in human societies but in fact, it was the human crude nature who killed, destroyed, assassinated and tortured the PEACE that the PEACE died and lost from human civilizations. Today, every human being is the crude enemy of another human being. Human beings cannot live together peacefully for even a day. They get bored and come to fight with each other without bothering whatever the relations they have. You must have heard or seen; a man brutally beating his children, a man smashing his sisters and brothers, a man insulting an old citizen, a father sending his father to old house, woman going away from her parents’ house for s-called love affairs, a man killing another man for wealth. If am wrong then feel it yourself; don’t you fight with your friends? Don’t you abuse people when you get angry? Don’t you hate people when you dislike them? I am damn sure you fight and you abuse because the human beings have lost PEACE. Now come to the society where there is no PEACE. There are thousands of human being trying to deceive others. Suppose you are in a park, you saw a man beating your brother bitterly. Your brother is bleeding as the man smashed on your brother’s nose. Who will you favor? Your brother or the man who is beating your brother? Now, decide what will you do? Will you beat the man or your brother? I know you will beat the man but again you will be at a loss because the man who beating your brother is your uncle. I told you earlier dear, there is no PEACE. It was lost some thousand years ago. The world where we live today is a mysterious planet where everyone is looking for the Long Lost PEACE but nobody knows that everybody is looking for the same entity that is no doubt PEACE. PEACE cannot be bought at any cost. It is not something like Diamond or Pearl but unfortunately every human being in the contemporary world ponders that it can be bought or purchased in America, Japan, China, Dubai or somewhere in the world.

For PEACE, the whole world needs to work together because in every corner of the world there live human beings and human beings are the rival of each other even if they siblings as we know very well that Qabil the brother of Habil had killed his brother. If there was any space for compromise between the two brothers then of course it would not have happened. Similarly, every country in the world must come on a podium that they will protect every human being. Every state without any delay or confusion should respect each other then surely PEACE is possible to instate.

May I know, what America has been trying to do in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries where millions of human being lost their lives? What Israel is trying to do? What happened with Russia? What has India been trying to do in Kashmir for many decades?

Today, if a man from America goes to a wild forest in Afghanistan, he comes safely and shares his exciting experiences with the world that even the wild tigers and dogs loves him. It is really exciting when a man from the same country comes to Afghanistan, he is unsafe. Similarly, when a man from Afghanistan goes to a forest in America the same thing happens with him but when a man from Afghanistan goes to America for study then he arrested. That is really funny as it happens in human communities across the globe where parents do not trust their children, brother does not trust his sister, relatives do not trust each other, neighbors do not trust each other, citizens do not trust each other, the whole country do not trust each other, the countries do not trust each and are trying to find conspiracies instead of mutual love and sympathy because WE all are human beings. We trust just for a purpose and we love just for some years. Human beings can share love and sympathy that they have in their nature then PEACE will naturally come globally. We should love every human being but without mutual love no nation can prosper. Every nation has right to flourish in this world that every nation Needs to know it Today not Tomorrow. It should be forgotten that killing millions of human beings is the way to get PEACE. In fact, it is the way towards dark era where there will remain only ghosts in this world because human beings are the wild enemies of each other that today the mightier will kill the weaker and tomorrow he will die himself because he has lost his PEACE.

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