Importance Of Non-acadamic Subjects

(Afrah Imran, karachi)

In education system schools give their students homework and it is beneficial for a student that helps in the development of mind growth and intelligence. But a question is that a lot of homework is helpful for students? No. Students give a lot of time in the schools and they get weary. Besides that teacher give much homework for which students feel the burden , they show stress, anxiety and carelessness to their health. It often seems that students ask their parents and tutors to complete their school homework this attitude does not give rise the intelligence of child because children want to spend much more time with family and friends and in playing games. A lot of homework disturb the physical and mental health of students they show less interest in studies. According to the study of Stanford University, 56 % of students considered homework as the primary source of stress besides regular academic classes in school also fed up students. Arts is the best way to relief stress and help in restness of students. The art helps in making creative mind it tells us that every problem has many solutions and every question have different answers as everyone is created in his own way, it helps to come out once creativeness.

In Japan elementary schools teaches non-academic subjects with academic subjects like arts include painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theatre, dancing, photography, designing and printmaking this also helps to build skills in children. Sports are also essential for physical health this help in physical growth and fitness, sports help in increase confidence, positivity, energy and better sleep.

Unfortunately, in our schools, these things are not part of our studies, these things are restricted to functions which are held on some events. We all should consider non-academic subjects as a part of course and must prefer them on studies.

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