(Anzul, Karachi)

Since the start of latest Kashmiri ‘Intifada’, hundreds of young Kashmiri freedom-seekers have been killed& thousands have been brutally tortured including those blinded with pellets& those raped or molested by the personnel of Indian occupation forces.

How can a boy not act who has seen his brother being killed by Indian brutes for no reason? These pains are now excrutiatingly aching the mind of our youth and they are not hiding like cowards but act like Lions.

From the last 70 years Kashmir face bloodshed every day. Now it’s a time to resolve Kashmir Issue according to the UN rights deceleration.

Our first and last wish.

We can’t feel the pain and terror, they are going through. Their patience and blood will never go waste. Ya Allah! Make Kashmir a center of Peace. Ameen

Anzul Abdul Sattar .

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