Countering violent extremism (CVE) by developing media Products

(Muhammad Adnan, Islamabad)

Countering violent extremism (CVE) by developing media Products workshop

Recently, a six-day capacity-building workshop to counter violent extremism (CVE) by developing media Products for young media students from various regions of Pakistan, January 21-26 was held in Pakistan Television Academy Islamabad by Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC) with the collaboration of Pakistan Television. The main purpose of the training workshop was to discuss and enhance the capacity of future journalists to develop media products to counter violent extremism. Thirty media students came from across the country to discuss and share their ideas related to countering radicalization and extremism in Pakistan, one of the richest country in terms of youth population. Four reporters of Pakistan Television were also part of the training. The week-long training workshop was also based on the technical sessions for CVE based documentary production included script writing, conducting interviews, utilizing camera techniques, grammar of sound, lighting and editing. The trainers and senior journalists stressed on participants to prefer the “urge to be the correct one” over the “urge to be the first one”. Inspector Inayat (Tiger) a hero of Pakistani police, who has destroyed over 4000 kg of explosives despite being injured, was also the part of the program. Seasoned journalist Shafi Naqi Jamie stressed on the importance of reading in order to develop critical thinning. We also had the chance to listen to Kamran Butt, lecturer of national college of arts and learn practical skills about camera techniques, composition, lighting and adaptation and improvisation in field production of CVE content. BBC Social media editor Tahir Imran shared his incredible experiences and engendered the liveliest debate out of all the presentations. He engaged participants and throw light on CVE based story visualizations, dynamics and importance of B-Roll selection.

The raining workshop was organized by Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC), a research and communication project of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MoI&B) with the collaboration of Pakistan Television. We are remaining grateful to CEO and COO Shabbir Anwer of Pakistan Peace Collective and the entire team especially M.Akmal Khan-manager campaigns PPC, all organizers, all participants, speakers and trainers for making this event purposeful one, for the cause of future we want. If I am honest, I have to say that I am still processing the incredible amount of valuable information I received in Pakistan Television Academy Islamabad. It took me some time to sit down and start writing this summary, because it was an intense few days. I feel very blessed and lucky to have been able to take part in such an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. I am happy that I could share it with 30 brilliant fellow participants from all over Pakistan.

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