The Dystopian Future

(Fazal Ghani Daggar, Buner)

The history of humans shows the downfall of the peakers into the depths of anonymity and bathos in the general drama of life because of the unscrupulous ways which they adopt for more, even unlimited power and resources, irrespective of the exploitation of the weaks, and hence, the natural transcendentalist force eventually turns against them and teach them better-bitter. Almost every persona of the globe knows and allows the rights of the other and the rest of humane humans. Then, why the intellectual stratum of the prouds does not sense it? why they turn ‘deaf mind’ to this realism? when they better know the dramatic irony of the situation and the metaphysical force to revenge and punish them on the par. Unfortunately, very few of them show the response but they are intentionally neglected and not heard. The same is equally true and prevalent in today’s world. The stronger is doing the aforementioned exercise and look down upon the laters which augurs ill for them. Noam Chomsky, a political and strategic dissident of the country, is one among millions who can foresee an ugly future-picture of his country and hence criticizing them with ‘iron tongue’ but the representatives and the stake holders pronounce him to be a Caesarian dreamer who is warning them time and again about the ides of power.

The laters: the suppressed and scapegoats, in the wake of the realism of the day after night and vice versa, must be conscious of the translucent aspect of their turn and hence work hard not only to survive with many ill-natured denizens around them but overpass them in every field. Now the question of what and how, wants itself to be satisfied, but unfortunately, the sensical to this phenomenon are few and their voice is not heard at all, and eventually the answer is left untouched. The only exception is China which is becoming stronger and stronger, and the development rate of their economy paces with fastest ever made. Their working hands readily use its fingers to get something in the nonluminous void of the universe and therefore keep their credit by overtaking the stronger—the only option with which they stick to so hard that their weaning is almost impossible. That is the greatness of a nation who show developmental acumen and insight for the progress of their country, not only tables the world map but brings home comfort, ease and respect for the ones who life there.

Men of wisdom and intellect born once in centuries who work for the country and people. But unfortunately others with lesser faculties unable to understand them! and alas! their talent is left unturned. Those minds need mentality to understand it, and hands to support their vision and take it to the possible height ever. If the nation with such an insight works together with these super minds, they can surpass all the rest and succeed in the general drama of existence. Otherwise humiliation, exploitation and absurdity becomes their destination and hence they are dragged through moor which puts an end to their mooring. The people of Pakistan should adhere to the idea and work together with these born-once-in-century minds to lead the country towards progress, and respect. Every individual must work honestly in his jurisdiction whether a common man, or a man of post and office, going then we may be able to compete the world of shadows and place ourselves at the high curve of the line where we can lead the rest in the most possible way.

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آپ کی رائے
Realy optimistic article..
By: Khan zaib, Peshawar on Feb, 16 2019
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Great sir g
By: Asghar Khan , Buner on Feb, 07 2019
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Excellent .it leads one's to self-esteem .Mr. Fazal Ghani sb is very optimistic.
By: Ali Jawhar , Buner on Feb, 07 2019
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This article highlights the short limitations still exist in our workplace in a pretty nice way.
By: Nasar Khan, Buner on Feb, 06 2019
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Superb and informative article .
Mr. Fazal Ghani is a genius.
By: Wajid , Buner on Feb, 06 2019
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