Structural Reforms The Need for Pakistan

(Obaid, Beijing)

Pakistan is the land of treasures, and the resilient in People makes it one of strongest nation ever raised. It is due to numerous reasons. some of them according to think tanks is diversity with heroic history of people living in different regions of Pakistan. A land with five provinces and more than thirty six languages remains few of nations who were engaged since 18th century or before somehow in wars and still facing proxies.

However due the system that so far has not delivered yet and things get more worst because of internal and external damages. Reasoning the fact Pakistan remains one of only Atomic Power in Muslim World. It faced various challenges and Consequences for that. Martial Laws, Failures of Democratic System and Corruption on the basis of Nationalism and religion has created a collateral damage to Pakistan inside and at foreign Policy making.

Yet Pakistan on urged to create a difference when it comes to youth. Because Pakistan remains blessed with one of intelligent youth all over the world. Unfortunately they have not yet been given a chance to put their role in any kind of transformation, which elucidate the gap b/w Govt. Policies and the 64% of youth so far. One of few reasons include "Basic Necessities for education", "Quota System", and less opportunities for common men, that hurts the most youth resulted a brain drain.

On the other side, Pakistan is lacked by management skills due to whatever reasons including corruption majorly, It is much needed for state to work on social, Economic and Environmental reforms. & for that first step should be is to transforming “bureaucracy into technocracy”. Second step should be allocating these technocrats to following reforms social, economic and environmental. Before moving forward It is mandatory to know that the technocrats are already working in many countries including some of western countries and China. they are technical experts and can give concrete reasons behind every action they take.

That will connect the Research and development which is the process to transform the any system into whatever Govt. needs and to ease the reforms Govt. may ask to establish channels I.e. students, workers and business community performing their tasks in Pakistan and outside the country to involve in these researches.

Pakistan is in need of scientists to lead the country and give a better solution before the natural transformation, this natural transformation could occur may be due to misallocation of huge young youth, which needs to be settled and live with prosperity and dignity in the this auspicious land of Pakistan.

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