Need to change the Educational system

(Afrah Imran, karachi)

About a month ago, I joined a school working as elementary teacher. I observed, there is no such activities occur that can help students to enhance inner talent. Management must keep an eye on what children do in the class, what appearance did they getup, if girls are in proper uniform but there should two ponytails instead one although only in their preferences a child should looks proper and clean no matter ponytail is one or two. Little and small things must be noted there but no such skill development activities occur that enhance their genius. They learn to read, they learn to write but still many students stay back in the field of life.

In most of the Sindh board school system there is no such English skill development programme exist which caused the reason of low English speaking power also most of the present generation pass out their higher education but still there English learning and writing ability is not good. Therefore most of the students joined English learning centres because they have not provided such environment that help them in excellent English. So a question is here what our school teach our generation even they have not idea about Pakistan's history and from this fear they did not grow forward in Quiz program and many others. If teacher try to do some extra curriculum activities with students in a class there is keep an objection that no such work done instead the given course this reaction cause disruption in creating knowledge and skills.

In my observation every student needs appreciation especially weak or whom, who are not willing to learn read, and write and in my case I just done this. Most of the schools only prefer Academy courses but it's not true at all. School management should do extra curriculum activities like how to speak in front of audience, debate and should arrange non academic classes like calligraphy, poetry making and learning, art, painting, theatre and speeches which helps in increasing confidence in different aspects of life. Learn how we can make plantation, serving mannar, washing pots, cooking these all are those activities that a child need to learn with academic subjects as these things work in any of the steps of human life.

In short, I want to say that all schools management must be considered the points which I have mentioned above as it is necessary for our country's success because the level we stand is shameful that our higher education has not been accepted in developed countries so it's time to change our thinking and ourselves.

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