10 – Tips for Biology Students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Biology is the knowledge of living things – it is also known as the study of life. Biology discusses: how living thing is existed – how it passes from beginning to end – how does it behave? How organisms and cells do work? Further, how does its structure change by way of growth, evolution and crossbreeding? The world of Biology has been taken from the words “bios and logos”. They are Greek words meaning “life and study”. Biology is an integrated and interrelated science of different disciplines such as Botany, Biochemistry, Ecology, Physiology, Zoology and others. The following are the 10 tips for Biology Students:-

1. Diversified Capability: A student who has diversified capabilities should choose Biology because it has multiple aspects of knowledge. The Biology is interrelated with other numerous subjects of knowledge.
2. Love to Nature and its belonging: As the Biology is the study of life and about the creatures of God, it is essential that the person who resorts to Biology must love to Nature and its belonging, otherwise there will be a vacuum in his/her study.
3. Patience: The student who chooses the subject of Biology must have the trait of patience because patience will lead him/her to success.
4. Free from Biasness: Students of Biology must be free from Biases so that they could make smooth study of all aspects of life, whether it is belonging to the Earth and belonging to the Sea.
5. Never Ending Study: Students must keep it in mind that the study of Biology never ends. It has a starting point, but has no ending point. With the passage of time new spheres of knowledge are being discovered in the field of Biology causing expansion in this area.
6. Activeness v/s Passiveness: Students must understand that they will have to study Biology actively as passive students are not in a position to grasp the knowledge of Biology.
7. Essence in Education: Like confidence, the essence of education also plays an important role in getting the knowledge of Biology. If a student lacks essence in education, he will not in a position to get the required results in the subject.
8. Strength overcomes Weakness: The students of Biology must use their strength to overcome their weaknesses so that they could not scatter by way of confusion and stress while studying the Biology. They must follow the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) strategy to get the achievement in the field of Biology.
9. Consistency: Consistency is an integral part of success. Students of Biology must adhere to their study constantly, whether they should feel any confusion or distress.
10. True Belief: True belief plays an import role in achieving the goal whether it belongs to visible or invisible things. Students of Biology must have true belief so that they remain satisfied as it is observed that true believers along with the service of mankind and good deeds remain content despite hardships.

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