Five (5) Tips to write an Impressive English Essay

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

An impressive English Essay has multiple qualities that are integrated with each other and do not give any vacuum to the readers. From the beginning to the end an impressive English Essay does not deviate from the subject matter – the central idea of the Essay. To write an impressive English Essay is an initial kind of intangible learning keeping in view of the different ideas and concepts to reach a concluding conceptual outcome by embodying the idea of an intangible study. Observations and experiences are integral parts of an impressive English Essay by way of empirical study. The impressive English Essay refers to the social values, the psychological effects, the social science and the philosophy. The five tips to write an impressive English Essay are given below:-
1) Central Idea: An impressive English Essay must have a Central Idea without which the Essay cannot be an impressive English Essay. The central idea should be spread all over the paragraphs of the Essay, i.e. from the beginning to the end also the central idea must beat the drum. The Central Idea is a conceptual tool that integrates the different ideas and concepts to help the essay writer to reach the conclusion in order to find out the solution. It is one of the core methods to enhance the effectiveness of the Essay. Through Central Idea new ideas are developed – new concepts are emerging – new areas of thoughts are ascertained that are certainly helpful to shine the essay.
2) Unbiased writing: For an impressive English Essay unbiased writing is a must as it helps in enhancing the conceptual effects of an essay. The unbiased writing or contents strike the brain again and again to think about different angles about the essay. Moreover, unbiased writing gives feed to the brain in a constructive and productive manner.
3) Integrated Contents: The integrated contents are an integral part of an impressive English Essay as it is a big conceptual tool in order to fully engage the readers. Integrated contents are the way of writing in which different thoughts are taken into consideration, but their theme or central idea is the same in order to come to the concrete conclusion.
4) Creative / Genuine – No copy-paste: An impressive English Essay must be free from all kinds of copying. It should be creative and genuine, so that the Essay could give an impressive and brainstorming effect on the readers.
5) Strong Conclusion: An impressive English Essay must have a strong conclusion in order to give a long lasting impact upon the readers. It is true that strong conclusion gives satisfaction to the reader that opens the cell of the brain.

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