(Aleem Quraishi, Karachi)

Pakistan has highest Gender Wage Gap in the world. A recent World Bank initiative [email protected] in Dawn Newspaper, has produced a report, which primary focus that what country will look like, when it turns 100 (100 years). [email protected] wrote that Pakistan stands on least in women’s participation in private and public sectors. This lack of participation is at the root of many demographic and economic constraints that Pakistan faces. Pakistan cannot meet its development targets, due stand at bottom in women’ participation. In this matter, [email protected] has drawn attention towards some aspects, by which women’s participation can be increased. First, Increase Access to Education Reproductive Health Service. Half of Pakistani women have not attended school. Study says presently only 10pc of women have post secondary education. And, in that case it is phenomenon in Pakistan of early-age marriage, which is very reason of hurdle to women to enter in work place. In this regard, Government must heed over anti-early age marriage laws and invest in transforming behaviours of parents and society on such practice. Second, Men’s Participation in Unpaid Care Work. Pakistani women are 10 times more involved in house hold chores, child and elderly care then men in the world, this lead to women more being poor and having less time to spend in gaining skills and getting jobs. Third, Safer Public Spaces. Study says feel safe while walking with neighborhood, such women are more likely to work than feel unsafe women. In this regard, effective implementation on laws against sexual harassment be made and massive awareness is also needed at State level. Fourth, Enabling Environment for Women-owned business. Globally women-owned businesses are found to hire more women. Study says Pakistan has 1pc of women entrepreneur because limited access to finance and market. State should adopt laws reforms to improve women’s access to finance. In a nut shell, gist of the report by [email protected] is that Pakistan dire needs its women to enter workplace without any fear to thrive the economy and to meet its development growth, when turns 100 by 2047.

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