Divorce And Their Causes

(Ammad Shafquat, Karachi)

Today I will be discussing about the drastic increase in divorce rate in Pakistan’s culture and society. I will be pointing out the reasons of increase in divorce rate and their solutions.
As we know that Pakistan is a Islamic country and govern by Islamic rules and regulations. Divorce is the only justified sin in Islam and Allah hate it on extreme level. Islamic society is male dominated society where Allah has provided proper guideline about the rights of man and women. Man is responsible to take care of family as a head member in the form of husband and father while female is responsible for maintaining domestic responsibilities and she is also responsible for nourishment of child and make her child to strictly follow Islamic ideology. Females are considered as wife and mother.

There are a lot of reasons that should be address before divorce in between a couple. During conversation done with different marriage centers and talk to different couples after their divorce I find out some of the following reasons that could be address very easily and the relationship could be safe.

In Pakistan one of the most common problems for divorce is not fulfillment of expectations from either male or female or from both. Most of the divorcee ladies has a complain that there husband is not taking care of them, and they do not have much time for their wives as well as on the other hand husband have complains that their wives are not perfect care taker of their homes and their child, they have a opinion that their wives are expanding most of their times on whatsapp group and Facebook or watching TV programs and not giving proper time to their child.

The second major problem is communication gap between the two and interference by others. After deep understanding from the couples it shows that some of the couples has guilt after their divorce that there partner is not as bad as they consider during marriage life that’s due to interference of other people and communication gap between them.

Third major cause is lack of trust, this lack of trust generated between them either due to previous cheat from any one or either by interference from other people and as well as communication gap between them.

In poor families one other problem is involvement of husband in narcotics and their mental and physical abuse on their wives after drinking alcohol or using other narcotics. In Pakistan most of the female domestic workers has a problem that their husbands are highly addict to alcohol and other narcotics and on arrival to home they start hurting their wives and children for money to purchase alcohol and other narcotics. This problem is also lead to divorce between these couples and I think that should be right done for these ladies getting rid of such type of husbands.

Physical and mental torture is not only done by the literate persons but also by the well-educated persons in a society of Pakistan. This basic problem is due to the brainwashing of husbands by theirs mothers and sisters or by any other people.

Yes this is also a problem “Financial Position”. In Pakistan another major problem of divorce is the poor financial position of husband. Mainly due to recent economic condition of Pakistan it’s hard for a single person to run a house individually with all the basic needs and wills required by their family. In result of this it is observed that the husbands get frustrated by their wives demands and wills which results in divorced between them just because of that moment of anger only. And that is very sad condition observed by me in Pakistan.

On conclusion I must say that marriage is a very beautiful relationship it must be safe. First of all mental development of both the partners should be done before marriage by their parents as well as by the authorities and institutions. Trust is necessary in any relationship make more and more polite conversations with your partners and gives time to each other. Make less expectations with each other and share the burden of your partner as teaches us by Islam.

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