Violation of Traffic Rules and Regulation in Pakistan

(Yawar Abbas, )

Today I would like to highlight one of major issue of our society which needs to be addressed on priority basis. Pakistan is an Islamic country. Islam has provided complete code of conduct for entire humanity. Each individual has responsibility over other individual, home, society, city, country. There are certain norms by which our society, city and country is governed. Each and every citizen of country is enforced by Islam to observe Ethics and rules and regulations. However, every country is enforced by law as well. One of the laws is Traffic Rules and Regulations. Globally traffic rules are very strict and same goes to Pakistan. Some basic rules for driving are to have valid driving license. Proper helmet in case of bike. Seat belt while driving. Most and most important is proper observing traffic signals rules.

Unfortunately Pakistan is an under developed country and law enforcement agencies are totally fail to enforce law in Pakistan. Due to which humanity suffers a lot by every means for example bribe, target killing, sexual harassment, rough driving etc. I am only highlighting traffic issues.. Most unfortunate is that citizens of Pakistan don’t stop on red signal and try to break it which leads to major accidents taking lives of innocent peoples and they rush out from the spot to avoid any legal bounding’s. I would like to share an incident of my life. In 2012, I was student of pharmacy and coming back from university after giving paper. I saw a man lying on road with people surrounded him. I left the bus to help the old man as I am a trained first aider. I went for his help and asked people to help me to take this old man to hospital. A female came to me and said I will take him to hospital put him into my car and I did that. He was in severe pain I tried to make him calm so I started diagnosed him and asked him baba where are you feeling pain and how this happened? He replied I was going on right path she hit me from behind. The girl shouted I had given him horn but he didn’t listen to it and they both started to fight. I asked lady to go to liaqat national hospital. While looking after him I found fracture in his shoulder which was unbearable at this age of around 55-60 years. Somehow we managed to hospital’s emergency, she said take him to emergency I am coming by parking the car. This was an alarming sign for me that if she ran away what will I do? But trusting on Allah I took him to emergency and asked doctor to check him. She stated taking history from me and asked me what happened? I said road accident. Dr: Is he your father? I said no I don’t know him I just took him to hospital for humanity. Dr said why you took him to hospital? Who will pay for him? I said the one who hit him she is coming to pay. Dr said no beta you should not had done this if he died who will be responsible? You will be taken to court & etc. Till that timethat lady arrived and dr released me. When I was leaving emergency guard stopped me and asked me to give in writing about the incident. This scared me a lot that if he died I will be taken to court and have to face hearings and all that stuff. I thought that why I helped him? But somehow I managed to escape from there. It was a lesson for me and never did this thing again in my life. Now I just do that being a first aider when I see any road accident I attend patient and make necessary arrangement to move him to hospital via ambulance. Most of the times, affected person who is observing traffic rules get performance punishment resulting in minor or major health injuries. Most commonly bus drivers, business men’s driver, teenagers; new drivers and bike riders are responsible for this act. Our police department is less concern for chasing the guilty or bringing him to the court because once he rushed out of the scene that will go behind him to chase? In case of guilty caught and if he possesses relationship with influenced high profile politicians and government officials then no one can put him into bars for committing the heinous crime.

I would like to give example that our psych says break rules as this Pakistan but when same people goes to middle east, Europe, America, London same people says that don’t break rules here as this is not Pakistan. Another example of our politicians that when they are in Pakistan they ruin all the laws of Pakistan by blocking the roads for vip movements which gives torture to a common person who is waiting to get route clear after the movement. For a single person vip movement entire humanity is ruined. But when that same politician or so called vip person travels outside Pakistan globally they can’t be able to maintain that protocol. So my question is why these people are ruining Pakistan? If they can’t maintain their protocols abroad then why they are sucking blood of Pakistani nation? A live example of observing rules and regulation of a country is approximately 5 years ago Hillary Clinton went to UK for any purpose and she parked the car in No-Parking zone as a result she gets fine of 80 GBP immediately. Take home lesson from this event is that “no one is above the law” that’s why they are included in developed and ruling countries among the world.

I have highlighted only limited traffic issues but it is the demand of the situation that each and every issue of Pakistan should be discussed in deep manner with concrete result and must be implemented at every level to make Pakistan a better place to live. Long live Pakistan.


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