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All great men have left their “footprints on the sands of time”. This has been done because they all led lies that contributed something positive and negative to society. That is why they ate still remembered with awe and affection; they continue to inspire generation to exact themselves in their chosen field of endeavour. Sometimes their personalities and deed appear much larger than life; they become legends in their lifetime

On one hand , there are millions of men and women trying to eke out a meagre existence for themselves and , on the other hand , there are other enjoying untold wealth and luxuries without any thought for their neighbors, leave alone the society , the nation or the world. These people are the ones who lead useless lives. They are born bred and die like worms. Their life spam is short not in terms of years but in terms of the memories contrasted with them, people they leave behind. Contrasted with them, people who strive to make a mark in life are remembered long after they die.

We must all realize that we have been entrusted by the ALMIGHTY withy something concrete to achieve in our lives. Each one of us has been equipped with unique abilities and sensabilities. the need is to realize them and exploit our potential to the full.

According to James Mason:” the joy o living comes from limmersion in something that we know is bigger, better, more enduring and worthier than we are”. Life therefore is not only a struggle for survival of the fittest that would tantamount to an animal existence.

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