(IQRA SHAIKH, Karachi)

I should need to Focus the issue to higher specialists and should need to draw thought towards youngster labour. The issue of kid work continues speaking to a test before the nation any dont get proper nourishment or care. they are denied the chance to be kids. most of them are displayed to the most delectably terrible sorts of kid works, for instance work in risky circumstances subjugation, or diverse kinds of obliged work, unlawful activities government has been taking distinctive ace unique measures to deal with this isssue. state government which are the fitting executing specialists, have been guiding standard evaluation and attacks to perceive occasion of encroachment.  since dejection is the fundamental driver of this issue, and execution alone can't help clarify it, government has been without giving training the children. i trust yoy think about my letter. Expressing gratitude towards you,
your sincerely
Iqra shaikh

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