NATURE and Entangled thoughts


NATURE the most beautiful n deep thing about which we all need to know, but how? answer is here to be the part of this world is actually the first indication that we rare really close to nature yet our busy bug routine really don't give us time even to see what gotta be happened in our owns lives but here i find any easy solution of it. its actually just start observing ur activities n relate it to every aspect of life in your tea break u gotta have enough time to observe but the condition is if u don't chatter so much. yup ! according to my thinking just if u are drinking tea just feel its aroma n see what a pleasant feeling is this that u have sense of feeling then why u don't feel the sorrows n feelings of your companion sense of feeling is yours but the question is how u use it for your own benefit or for your superior benefit when u get up in the morning then just feel that u are alive that is the biggest thing that u need to be focus its NATURE yes actually this is NATURE that we are still inhaling with no HEARTS . indeed that all of my things which i say is entangled but its actually the NATURE that things are always entangled just u need to arrange it then the secrets of NATURE starts revealing on u my friend in true sense.

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