Child Marriage

(Komal zai, Karachi)

The practice of child, early and forced marriage is widespread and occurs in all religions of Pakistan. Even though child marriage is a human right yet it is widely inundated all over Pakistan. The rate of child marriages is increasing even today , child marriage is mostly effective in the rural areas of Pakistan. In Sindh alone 72% of girls and 25% of boys became victim of this menacing tradition whereas in the tribal areas 99% of girls get marrows at a very early age and are mishandled . A girl married at such a young age looses out on her normal childhood, is subject to not only physical abuse but psychological abuse as well. I believe such young married girls are subjected to financial and social insecurity, they have little or no decision making powers, they are forced to abandon their little chances of getting education, they became young mothers and are unsuccessful at fulfilling that role as well.

In many muslim countries the minimum age of marriage has been raised from 18 to 21. In Pakistan, Sindh a law has been passed against child marriage increasing the minimum age of marriage to 18 and breach of this law is punishable. Furthermore, in Punjab anyone marrying a girl under 16 years and the person conducting such marriage including Nikkah solemnize and registrar is liable to 6 month imprisonment and a fine of Rs, 50,000. Moreover in Punjab to facilitate people there is a complaint help line also available.

However , the law is not being totally followed as the large number of people still remain ignorant about the presence of this law. Some social organizations have taken up the task of spreading awareness but they have thus far been able to approach a few communities.

However in my opinion , government agencies , teachers,lawyers, educationalists and influential people of the villages need to all come on one platform to spread awareness and implementation. Also, religious figures need to spread out the message at the grass root.

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