Pakistan’s Terrified Minorities

(Zohaib khan, Karachi)

In the words of the compassionate, heroically emerging PM of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern “ It id compassion that matters not religion.”

Post Christ Church attack our social media was although rightfully seen a blaze coveting the incident and the post incident reactions; the visible support to the Muslims by the New Zealanders.

I believe Pakistanis are always ahead when it comes to supporting any Muslim minority being targeted on ethnic grounds be it Palestine, India Kashmir, Rohingya of Myanmar. Our own homeland which was founded on the principle of equal opportunities to all irrespective of religion , creed or caste. The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah quoted in his famous speech;

“You are free; free to go to your temples , free to go to your mosque or any other place of worship in the state of Pakistan”.

However, according to me in our own country the minorities from Hindus , Christians , Shias to Ahmedis are living in a state of terror. There’s a lot of pressure on them that they chose live in anonymity, most of the newborns are given Muslim names to stay undetected, linked to their own religion.

Minorities places of worship and religious processions are targeted year after year.

Any personal agenda with a minority is settled under the threat of the meaning Blasphemy Law which I feel is a law taken out of its context and exploited to suppress minorities.

I believe what we the majority of Pakistanis forget most of the time is that Pakistan belongs as much to the minorities as it belongs to the majority.
Pakistanis living in other countries are very vocal and demand for their right to wear hijab, build mosques and to have the right to fully practice their religion. My question is ; Shouldn’t they extend the same right to the minorities living in their own homeland?

Let’s reclaim Jinnah’s Pakistan, where all can coexist in mercy, pity , peace and Love.

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