Unemployed Youth

(Neha Zoabe, Karachi)

Government are destroying the countries youth by not providing them the jobs were promised. Youth unemployment has been countries one of social problems. Government did not look positive to provide more and more jobs opportunities to the youth.

It is estimated that countries only 39 percent youth is employed while 61 percent youth is still deprived of jobs. The ratio of the unemployed youth in all provinces is increasing at an alarming rate.

With the increase in population and the rising cost of living, its severity is also increasing. There is hardly a family that is not hit by this vice. During the past few years, it has become unbearable.

Growing population, corruption, lack of job opportunities, nepotism and egotism in the government as well as private sectors have been major causes of youth unemployment. Because of this, a number of well-educated and the deserved youth are jobless, and due to this, youth of our country is depressed and frustrated.

It is time for government to fulfill it’s promise by providing jobs to jobless youth on merit so that youth unemployment can be reduced.

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