Child beggars

(Irfan Amir, Karachi)

We can make them our Pakistan future but need some steps from Govt and every individual

Once a Poet quoted that " This world is like a garden and children are like flower in bloom".

I heartedly agreed with the poet. According to my thinking a home is without children's happiness is like a greenless graden without water:Here, I have used the word home as a country and the children as the children of that country . As I have already mentioned that if the children are not happy ,how we can say that ,the home or country is prosper,happy and developed. If they are unhappy,there should be some reasons of their unhappiness. Surely! There are reasons : They dont have two time food,they dont have proper clothes,they dont have facilities to get education,the dont have right to walk on those places where highqualified people are living or staying and many more ...

If they dont have their basic rights, how we can say that they are happy, if they are not happy how one's can say country is prosper and developing or developed country? Why they are not enjoying those rights which other children or citizens are enjoying? Are they are not the children or citizens of this country? Is it their fault that they are beggers ? These are the questions which are so obvious that,

Our Govt is not so sincere towards the citizen of its country . Whenever child beggars are walking on a road or near at stations look so starve and some of them about to die then we student just have prays for them infront of God nothing else and thoughts to share their problems through media to the Govt. Just as an example I am adding the honesty of some child beggars : Oneday I was going to my University in taxi(riksha) and after 5 Or 10 minutes riksha driver stopped the riksha beacuse of traffic singnal ,then suddenly two child beggars jump into the riksha and sat beside me ,one was looking so innocent with a cute smile and the another was was looking so serious but both of them were lack of shoes and not wore any proper dress still they looked with their lives ,when I observed all these qualities of them ,I gave them just 10 rupees and told them share it, they just nodded thier heads and asked the riksha driver to stop the riksha ,when riksha driver stopped ,they got off and gave that 10 rupee to riksha driver and told or showed me that they are also the responsible and honest citizen of this country. Beacuse of their that attitude I learned a lesson and laugh a lot for some time. So , every citizen of this country has the ability to make this country as an example for other countries. Just our Govt has to think to implement weak policies and the policies should be equal , beneficial or infavour for every citizen . If the Govt will deal equally and not go towards impunity then certainly, neither child beggars are unhappy nor other citizen of the country . Thus, we will see our country prosper and developed in the world.

The Govt has to think and has to implement weak policies . We have the ability to make our Country an example for other countries . The Govt has to know its role , has to make policies strong and beneficial or infavour of every citizen and we as a citizen of this country have to play our role to diminish all the problems. Then, Certainly, neither child beggars are unhappy nor other citizens.

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