Traffic Driving rules in Pakistan to Follow for Safe Drive

(Hiba, karachi)

Pakistan is a country where love and patriotism is to its peak. There are many new inductions been made in the traffic management since it has been one of the crucial conditions. However rules and regulations are a lot more like that of other countries. Few of the things that can be told about the traffic rules in Pakistan are that:

1. Pakistan still follows the old rules and like many other European countries the driving is on left side and people who drive slow is kept to the left of road.
2. Vehicles that are larger in size such as trailers, trucks and buses are always advised to stay on left unless the roads are completely empty.
3. Use of microphones and cellphones during driving is illegal.
4. The children under 5feet and from age 3-11 are to be kept in proper restraint.
5. On school, hospital and college roads, it is necessary that the speeds are kept very slow so that students and patients are not bothered at all.
6. The drivers are to keep in mind right of the pedestrians and it is illegal to interrupt in their ways.
7. Overtaking vehicles at the corner or bend of road is not permitted.
8. If ever vehicles break down on road, it is advised to park them on left of road.
9. Maximum speed limit that you may keep on rural highways is 120 km/h, on motorways, and expressways it is to be kept 100 km/h. on two lanes it would be of 80 km/h. The maximum speed limit which you can drive with on urban highways is maximum 100 km/h.On residential streets you may not exceed from 50 km/h. 40 km/h is maximum limit you may touch near mosque, hospitals and schools.
10. For the safety of people it is advised that they do not try to drive vehicles when it is yellow sign up. This is when you got to slower your speeds not rush to cross before red light.
11. From 11:30 PM to 7:00 AM do not honk, as it is against the law. Including make sure that you don’t play loud songs or tape recorder as it is disturbing for people. There are patients and students that require peace.

These all are just some of the traffic driving rules that you wouldn’t want to break. If in any case the above mentioned rules are broken, you will face the penalty in form of fines or in some cases jails too.

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