Mental Illness, the new trend

(Sanabila khan, Karachi)

It is not a new topic or an issue people are still unaware of but it is still not something people are comfortable with but don’t you think expressing it has caused more danger?

It is true to say that everyone is fighting a battle and it becomes way more difficult if it is without mental peace. Running after the day to day goals and coping up with hurdles is now what this modern era follows but is it humanly possible to function without peace of mind? Dragging yourself to work, gatherings and social events can be a lot more difficult when a person is not internally contented. But people still do it and that is why the world is experiencing an increase is depression by every minute. Moreover, expressing mental illness on sensitive platforms such as social media has been more harmful as observed lately. Teenagers and children who aren’t mature enough are still not familiar with the sensitivity of an issue like depression. Such vulnerable ages try to adapt surroundings without knowing the complexity of the issue and how severe can be the consequences. Not everybody posting about mental illness is fighting depression for real. Keeping up with the trends is all what this generation is about but censoring a few things can be beneficial. With increase in rapes, harassments, suicidal issues, drug addiction and other crimes involving new teens, the ones who haven’t stepped into the world properly, it seems to be the easiest way how they try to keep up with the progressive environment. Moving on to the other cons of expressing such issues on a social platforms are that people start feeling you. They try to put themselves in the shoes of a victim or try to connect their life to a victim’s story. Not everybody suffering from a headache bears the same symptoms. Mental health is undoubtedly a crucial issue. It is not something to be quiet about but it is also not a good idea to express it through platforms that provide no filters or counselling. It is directly related to your brain and heart, the two most important organs of a human body so it is believed such issues should be carefully managed. Not everyone respects your story, not everyone is inspired in a positive way and not everyone has the ability to show you the brighter side of life. Such issues should be properly guided and everybody should know that staying strong is the only option.

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