Women Empowerment

(Rabail Ali Ansari, Karachi)

Women Empowerment

As word Empowerment means to give warrant power and when we use the term “Women Empowerment” it means to provide opportunities and create such environment for women through which they can also practice equal rights as men. As it is being notice, women rights have been violated in many forms since decades. That is why, women empowerment has become universal issue all over the world.

In under developing countries still women are not treated equal to men. Women are not allowed to own property, they do not have a share in the property of their parents, women do not have right of love marriage and they have no voting rights as well. Women also have no permission to get education and no freedom to choose their job or work. But now, it is necessary we should come out of these differences because those nations cannot develop and achieve their goals, unless women are not side by side with men.

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